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    A Little About Me




    BaH Queen's University 

    MTS Knox College, Toronto 

    ThM Knox College, Toronto

    PhD Candidate, Emmanuel College, Toronto


    Teaching and Research Interests: 


    Amy is a Mad Theologian who has gotten involved in practical theological research as she wants to contribute to change. Her research explores the intersections between mental health and spirituality. Amy is currently writing her dissertation which looks at the recent rise in self-injury (cutting and burning one's own skin) amongst young people all over the world. Amy is interested in better understanding the lived spirituality of people who self-injure so that faith communities can respond and provide care. Amy's research interests include: mental health and spirituality, mad studies, mad people's history and disability theology.


    In July of 2020, Amy co-launched The Canadian Journal of Theology, Mental Health and Disability with her friend Rev. Miriam Spies. The journal is committed to breaking new ground at the intersection of theology and mental health, exploring disability using an interfaith theological lens, publishing work by people with lived experience of mental illness and other disabilities.


    Amy and Miriam also co-host the new podcast “The Mad and Crip Theology Podcast.” This creative endeavour is an opportunity to model how faith communities can engage in theological and spiritual conversations around madness and cripness.

    Amy also launched the Mad and Crip Theology Press in late 2021!

    Selected Awards

    In September of 2021, Amy was awarded a SSHRC doctoral research fellowship (the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada) for her research on self-injury. 


    Selected publications: 


    Panton, Amy Elizabeth and Miriam Spies. "A Deep Desire for Transformative Justice: A Reflection on the Birth of the Canadian Journal of Theology, Mental Health and Disability" Mad Students Zine, McMaster University, Spring 2022 (forthcoming). 


    Fisher, Elizabeth, and Amy Elizabeth Panton. “Transformation & Resistance in the Interfaith Classroom: Reflections on Teaching in the Canadian Context.” The Wabash Center Journal on Teaching 2, no. 2 (May 28, 2021).


    Xiong, Jianhui (Jane), Nazila Isgandarova, and Amy Elizabeth Panton. “COVID-19 Demands Theological Reflection: Buddhist, Muslim and Christian Perspectives on the Present Pandemic.” International Journal of Practical Theology 24, no. 1 (March 2020): 5–28.

    Panton, Amy Elizabeth. Spiritual Care for Self- Injury Project.


    Panton, Amy Elizabeth. “Christian Perspectives on Self-Harm.” Centre for Peadiatric Spiritual Care, Birmingham Children’s Hospital, February 2019.


    Panton, Amy Elizabeth. “Spiritual Care for Youth Who Self-Injure.” Mandate, the United Church of Canada, Spring 2019.


    Professional Memberships:


    International Society for the Study of Self-Injury

    International Association for the Study of Youth Ministry

    American Academy of Religion 

    Editors Canada 



    Selected Courses: 


    Emmanuel College, Toronto School of Theology 

    EMP2523H - Mental Health and Christian Theology 

    Martin Luther University College 

    -Mental Health and Theology



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